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...I feel a renewed sense of fulfillment and passion that had been lacking in my life.

I strongly recommend Oksan Pilafas to anyone looking for guidance to improve their life and reach their goals. I have personally experienced the positive impacts of her wisdom on my life. Since I have been following the direction and principles formulating while working with Oksan, I launched a project that I had been planning but not executing for the past four years. As a result of finally using my skills to create and promote weekly videos, I feel a renewed sense of fulfillment and passion that had been lacking in my life. I am in a better place thanks to Oksan’s personalized advice. Because she empowered me to feel a sense of accountability as we met regularly, I continued to make progress towards my goals and achieved some major milestones. I look forward to seeing her help many others on their path to happiness and success.

--Diane Moca, Founder, Working Mom Warrior YouTube Channel

Having Oksan as my Life Coach is like working with a best friend, a loving sister, or someone you have known for a long time. She puts you at ease right from the start because of her down to earth, genuine, trustful manners. I don’t think there is any subject or solution that Oksan cannot approach or tackle as a Life Coach.  She guided me through some major life transitions that hit me about a year ago. Loss of my spouse, sudden changes in my living situation created major turbulence in my life and caused me to doubt myself and lose hope for my future. I had to make some major adjustments in my life and as a result I was feeling depleted. She helped me get through these turbulent times safely and help me stay connected with my personal strength. It has been a very comfortable, professional experience and I feel very grateful.

--Susan Dudley

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