I believe “my gift” is my sensitivity to the hidden gems each person possesses. From childhood forward, I always wondered about those people who didn’t stand out in the crowd,  those who had no spark in their personalities, those who appeared shy and quiet, and those who didn’t have courage to stand up and voice their opinions. I was one of those people. I was shy and quiet, I hated being in the spot light, and avoided any environment that required me to speak. Those who knew me described my personality as flat and boring at its best.


I knew that was not true about me. I knew I had a colorful personality, but my colors were only visible to me.  I wasn’t reflecting any of it outwardly, therefore in most crowds I was invisible.

For the longest time, I took that as a character flaw. I believed that there was something wrong with me. And I eventually internalized them as "limiting beliefs" and took them on as my reality. 


I was in my mid-thirties when I finally accepted myself as an introvert, even then time to time  I still wished I wasn’t.


My deep understanding of the richness each person possess in their inner world and the unfortunateness of staying hidden from the world made me choose this occupation to become a life coach. 

I believe each of us came to this lifetime with a gift.  A gift, an ability to do one thing better than everyone else in the world.  It is heartbreaking to see so many people live their lives never discovering and never truly get around to expressing their gifts. They live their entire lives in mediocracy and not live up to who they truly meant to be.  One of my mentors says “The gifts we have are not ours to keep, we owe to the humanity to share those gifts, use them for good”.  But if we don’t even know what gifts we possess how do we go about using them to create value?


I am a Self Discovery Coach for women ages 40-60 who are going through major life transitions and have a strong desire to find clarity about their new identity and purpose in life. I help my clients to re-discover themselves by examining their personalities, their true nature and the unique qualities they possess.

The process of self discovery takes place through an extensive evaluation. We utilize tools specifically designed for this practice such as; personality tests, a detailed questionnaire to reveal the depths of one's nature, and deep, lengthy discussions for an intuitive analysis. 

At the end of this process, my clients will have gained total understanding of who they are in their core as a person.  They will discover the qualities and gifts they possess, which may have been abandoned up until that point.  They will recognize the limiting beliefs they picked up along the way and how their life experiences shaped them into who they became. They will accept where they are and move forward to create a new way of being.

By understanding themselves fully and completely, my clients will say YES to things that truly make them happy and will walk away from things that no longer serve them.  They will build new dreams that are aligned with their new, strong identity and learn techniques to pursue them confidently.

What I do?

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