Discovering You

You are Unique! 

There never was  and will never be another person with the same combination of what makes you YOU! 

Do you value your uniqueness?

Our societies formed in a way to value certain talents and devalue others.  And we all grow up thinking "Our worth is equal to the level of approval we receive from our society."  

So, in order to fit in and prove our value, we overwork parts of ourselves that is not really us and overlook the parts that makes us who we really are. 

The term GIFT or GIFTED is widely misunderstood.

We think only those who are able to sing wonderfully or play an instrument exceptionally well and those who are able to solve complex mathematical equations, can be called "Gifted".  

And, that is what stops most people seeing value in themselves. 

Gifts are simply "Talents" or "Strengths" which every single one of us have, and when put in practice have the capacity to change the world. 


And no one talent is more valuable than others considering the circumstances that they are needed at the given time.


Talent is also an innate thing. It is who we are. We either have it or we don't. 




Not having a talent in one area is completely ok.  

It just means having a lot more talent in another area which is "Our Natural Zone".

We have been thought to believe, if we work hard and long enough we can be, do and have anything we want. "The Sky is the Limit" we heard.  Although I am a very positive person and lived by this statement my entire life, I no longer believe the complete accuracy of this statement. At least not in a sense that is understood by most people. 

 Yes, we can get to places and accomplish things with hard work and continuous effort. However, this is going about it the hard way. 

It is going against our natural energies which we are created with.  It is not the best use of our limited, precious time on earth.

Hard work and effort eventually create frustration, resentment and heartache and in most cases causes people to give up before reaching that pinnacle. And if they happen to reach that pinnacle they quickly realize that it didn't bring them the happiness they were after.

However, when we work with our natural talents and work on perfecting what we naturally good at, the work we put on doesn't feel like hard work. It doesn't feel like effort. It is a joyous journey. 

You cannot train people to create talent. 

You can create skills and you can create knowledge to help them be more effective in what they do. But, you cannot create talent."       - Don Clifton-

When our knowledge and skills training takes place in the area of our natural gifts and strengths... That is when the real magic happens!  

Nothing is more tragic than seeing people live their entire lives and never discover who they truly were meant to be in this lifetime.

As one of my mentors says, “The gifts we have are not ours to keep; we owe to humanity to share those gifts and use them for good.”  

But if we don’t even know what gifts we possess, how do we go about using them to create value?

So, our biggest duty as human beings is to discover our authentic selves and figure out from which angle we can shine the brightest.   

That is when we will be in our element.

That is when we will be our best. 

That is when we create value for others. 

And, that is when the world can become a better place not just for us, but everyone we touch!



Inward Expression.

The Relationship with ourselves.

Our Health, Emotions and Feelings


Outward Expression.

The Relationship with others.

Our Family, Friends, Aquaintances 


Tangible Things in our lives.

Money, Career, Materialistic Aspects of our lives


Connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Deep Knowing

Your Gift

How is your Gift Showing Up in your life?

Is it being reflected by design or by default? 

If you are unfulfilled in your life, chances are you might be unknowingly suppressing it somehow or channeling it in ways that are actually hurting you more than helping you. 

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