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Oksan Pilafas



Thank you for finding your way to my webpage. 

I hope the few minutes you spent browsing this site will add something to your life.  Maybe a phrase or a word you read will make you think a little differently today.  Maybe it will remind you of something that deep down you already knew but had forgotten. Or maybe it will awaken a possibility within you and give you a little hope.

I learned to never underestimate the power a single word can make in someone's life. I read this quote by Arthur Ashe about 8 years ago:


"Start where you are, Use what you havE, Do what you can"

The very first word of this quote hit me like a lighting bolt when I read it.  I still can't tell you why, but I guess I was ready for it and took it as a command from the universe.  This common, simple word which I probably saw, read and heard a thousand times prior to that day, all of a sudden was speaking to me differently.  It had a profound effect on me and led me to start an amazing journey of Self Discovery. It gave me a spark I needed at the time. 

My wish for you is to find your spark, so you can discover a life that aligns with your nature. There is so much more to life than we realize. 

I hope you will join me in this journey of Living Life by Design

See you soon!


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