"If I want to be free,

I've got to be me!

Not the me what you think I should be,

Not the me what others think I should be,

If I want to be free,

I've got to be me!

And I've got to know who ME is." 

-bill gove-


As we live, we become a collection of things that make us who we are.  We take on responsibilities for each role we play in life and form priorities around them.  As parents, as spouses, as employees, we immerse ourselves into these roles in an effort to do our best.

Occasionally our roles line up with who we are, our personal values, priorities and what we want from life.  We use our natural gifts and talents in those roles and feel fulfilled and connected.  

Often times however we are required to alter and shift our identities in order to fit into our roles.  We push aside our dreams and desires, abandon our natural gifts and talents, and neglect the little things that use to give us joy. 

We find ourselves settling in with relationships, jobs and situations that provide us the most security.

 We conform to society and do what is expected of us.  We go through the motions and call that a "Life".


We give up pursuing what makes us happy and settle to survive rather than thrive with our individuality.


As the time passes our roles evolve, our priorities start to shift.  Life Transitions start to take place.  Parents age and pass; kids grow up and leave; our relationships evolve and maybe take a different turn; we retire, lose our jobs or simply realize that we no longer enjoy what we do. 

With that, comes confusion and frustration,

We lose touch with our identity and start questioning our purpose in life.

We feel confused, overwhelmed and detached.  We start doubting our abilities to get out of the rut we find ourselves in.  

Transitions are powerful times! They bring change and disturb the flow in our habitual living.  They cause us to look back and evaluate our decisions and look forward and wonder what lays ahead.

The challenge is; when we live our lives giving up so much of who we are, we feel a sense of awkwardness when we try to be ourselves again.   

We find ourselves searching for a new identity and seeking to find purpose for our next chapter.

If we only knew HOW!

Our greatest challenge in life is Discovering who we  are.

The second greatest is being happy with what we  found!

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